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I Know I will not be present ever more in the mundane world but my creativity can glow to the hearts of world reader. Here I am trying to ventilate my sleeping and untold story murmuring in my heart and mind.  -Md Kamaluddin.
I am Md Kamaluddin, the Media and Social Columnist.the founder and Chief Architect of TubeBKC. It is basically a Free Digital eBook on Literature, Education, Inspiration and Motivation.Though Professionally I am a technology Person I was highly interested in the fields of Education and Learning. From very early classes I composed several self synthesis Articles and Essays which includes but not limited to Folk Tales and Fables, Poems and Prose, Short Story and Novel, Self composed Songs and Music. I think all these creativity of my feelings and expression will be abolished along with my deportation. So I intend to carousel all my Creative Writings garlanded in the port folio of TubeBKC that may be a document for present, past and future needs of mankind. It's each and every contents emphasize on relevant of accurate reflex on proper and authentic information of the subject matter. In spite of being a contents publishers TubeBKC has a mission to build up a Digital Publishing Community. I extend my supports & guide to the promising Digital publishers to create & publish their creations. In the Articles Sections of this sites I regularly post different topics on Arts ,Culture, Literature,Education & Learning. Learning and Educational supports with a vast vocabulary and requisite video documentations are the essence of TubeBKC. My favourites aim to showcase India and its People that includes but not limited to folk and classical India, folk and classical Music. Indian Folk Tales and Fables. The List of Context is enclosed herewith:
So everyone is highly welcome for an active participation as contributor, reader, reviewer. Anybody can wish to take part on the holistic approaches to the endeavor of MDWIX  
We will be happy to your mail at Mail to ceo@mdwix.com
Thanks to all
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