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Folk tales behind the Discovery of Umbrella-A Moral Story with the message: Focus on exact solution for the problem| Kids Stories.

                  Once upon a time there was great king in India. He was too powerful and ruled the prosperous country. He was whimsical and had vanity for his superiority. One day he would like to roam his kingdom along the countryside. He told his minister to take charge for looking after the day to day activities. The King ride on his horse and went out alone.

That was a very hot summer season. He was being burnt in scorching sun beams and became fatigued. He was so tired and could not move any more. He sat under a tree. He thought, " I am a great king though sun beam burns me. I will make arrangement to put a curtain to cover everywhere so that sun can't touch me anywhere." While he was thinking such idea, a dark cloud engulfed him and started to rain with hail stone. Some of the stone hit on his crown. He was too angry and shouted," What rubbish! it is. Being of a king, none is dare to touch my feet, How dare! the hail stone hit my crown. It is unbearable and I'll take action definitely soon."

          Then and there he returned to his capital and called an urgent meeting. The king discussed the happening and ordered his chief minister to make arrangement to put up curtain throughout his state.
As per the order, next day thousands of curtain fabric and bamboos were taken with a huge expense. It was started to make pavilion.

        There was a wise servant in the palace of the King. He was very common and innocent. He thought, " If everywhere is covered with curtain to restrain sun light and rain, How crops will be grown, Everyone will die of starvation. Moreover the huge cost of expense for curtain will be charged from the tenant as taxes and duties. The whole country would face the financial crisis." The servant realized that he must need to raise voice for an alternate ideas.

   Next day, he went to the kings meeting hall in fear and uncertainty. He told to the king," Sir, with your great majesty, I wish to place a suggestion for the ongoing project." The king starred to the stranger and told him," Ok, tell what you want to say.". The servant mildly  reiterated his awful thoughts of black days of his countrymen. Again he started to speak, " I think we need to cover up our body only which is affected by scorching sun ray and rain." The king realized his suggestion and ordered his civil works departments to think for such an idea. The mechanic made a thing with a small pavilion with a small holding stick. This was looked like an umbrella now. The great king surprised and rewarded the servant by making awarding a post for his ministry. 

Morals of the Story: 

1) While facing problem, change yourself not rest  of the world. 2) Pay values to them who seem to be unworthy.3) Find out judicious solutions for the problems you face.

Story composer: Md Kamaluddin


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