Poem or Poetry on Urge of Unity-Composed by Md Kamaluddin #MDWIX Digital Narratives.

A Poem on Urge or Appeal to Harmonized Unity. United we  stand, Divided we break-Motivational Poetry.

Prelude of the Poem. 

The whole human world is disturbed by division with selfishness. Everyone thinks only for them. Everywhere, there is a cry of crisis. But the rest of nature is at harmonized & unified liberty.  The poet appeals for a band of unity among the whole mankind as the nature. So please grasp the poem as below.

"The Urge of Unity"-Md Kamaluddin.

The greens are starving in Yellowstone
The paddy fields mourns calmly alone.
The watch ticks to the soaring thunder,
Seems the future now stands in blunder.
Aggregates our poisoned breath
stands alone and place no sheath.
The way less streets are full of none
Awakens to reveries have now gone.
While face less strangers avoid our gaze
And mask themselves in a different ways.
Red hates green, green hates red
We've been taught so well it can't be end.
So we urge a path combined each other.
But we would rather cry, scream and suffer.
Will we stop before close a destiny game
Or believe the news the other's to blame.

The rest nature is syncing around.
The deep sea waves to airy sound.
The window draws rays of each light
As sun and moon pass by right.
Sunny colds come together in winter,
Spring sees no pause in cuckoo's ringer.

The time is now and before it's gone
Let's think come together not in alone.

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