India Fashion: The booms of fashion-aesthetics of Indian Impressive Life.

The demonstration of terminology of fashion, Brief discussion on prospects on India fashion.

Oh! John! You are looking very smart today- Smith shouted in the office corridor. Have you purchased this Shirt in the X-Mass festival? John smiled and replied- No friend. This shirt is five years old. It was kept in the wardrobe for last two years. Yesterday I went to tailor to add the strap to the shirt. So it looks like a newer one.
  This is an example for  the term fashion. Fashion is the way for representation of the traditional style to a new look.People are being bored to the age of impatient. So everyday we are searching for new looks in dressing, wearing Shoes, using of cosmetics and ornament in our daily lifestyle. So people Explores everyday something new manner of his decoration. By the huge demand of  fashion it is gradually transformed to an industry.

  Basically the terminology is used for  a very specific aesthetic expression for uniqueness of a person, race, community especially in clothing, footwear, life style accessories, make up, hair style and use of cosmetic. 
                          Fashion is in broad sense the innovation of life style expression that express the differences multi communism in a region or a country. Fashion is now a distinctive and industry support expression or show case of style or mannerism in a particular season or festive occasion.

The Scope of Fashion industrial exploration in India.

India is a vast and wide country with millions of peoples living in different region. Each of the people distinctively unique from each to other. They expressed differential with the elemental texture of their life style, clothing, hairstyle and use of ornaments.All of them redesign some new way of expression using their usual resources. 
The business giants in India commercialized this art of redesign of a tradition dresses, footwear, ornaments, cosmetic through this new concept fashion world. The textile, Leather, Cosmetic and jewelry industry are using the fashion world as a pre-launch marketing research tool. So prospect of fashion career and fashion business is very booming for the highly populated country like India, China.
Gradually we will discuss about various aspects of Fashion in the upcoming blogs. Hope all are happy.

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